"There will be...earthquakes in various places" [Matthew 24:7]

Are we living in prophetic times? Are the weather patterns we see today a sign of things to come or simply the Earth going through its natural cyclic changes? To be honest, I don't know. But we should always keep awake to the events of our day and pay attention to the world around us.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Weekly News Updates (Feb 10 - Feb 16, 2012)

It is important to carefully watch the ebb and flow of events in our times. We work hard to compile these headlines from various sources around the world, and we hope you not only read them but seriously reflect on our current world.
Weekly News Updates:

February 16, 2012



Iran sanctions not working

Intel Official: Iranian Missiles Could Hit Nearby U.S. Targets, Europe

Colorado student quits high school choir over Islamic song praising 'Allah'

Feds shut down Amish farm for selling fresh milk [So, the FDA allows garbage like HFCS and MSG to be sold, but not fresh milk?]

Fructose is found to increase cardiovascular and diabetes risk in adolescents [Read the above story as well]

Female Passengers Say They're Targeted By TSA

Seattle Arrest Questions Cops' Use of Dash Cams [Officer caught on cam admitting to 'making stuff up']

19 Facts About Abortion In America That Should Make You Very Sick

Washington governor signs gay marriage law

Could The Next Generation Live To Be 150?

Zoos of the Future May Include Dodo Birds and Woolly Mammoths, but No Chimps

500m children 'at risk of effects of malnutrition'

Jesus is Coming Soon! We are living on borrowed time.

February 15, 2012


Magnitude 6.4 - SOLOMON ISLANDS

Magnitude 5.3 - GREECE

Iran's war on the world

Iran to unveil nuclear 'achievements' Wednesday

World's biggest biometric ID scheme forges ahead

Chinese blocked visit by U.S. religious freedom envoy, advocates say

Rosenberg: Prepare churches for inevitable

Special Report: Towns go dark with post office closings

February 13, 2012

Magnitude 5.8 - COSTA RICA

Magnitude 5.0 - MOZAMBIQUE

Countdown! Iran's finger on nuclear trigger

The Global War on Christians in the Muslim World

The Federal Reserve's Explicit Goal: Devalue The Dollar 33%

Sex change British man gives birth to son [Bizzaro world! Our world has totally lost its way.]

Are You Ready For Mind-Control Warfare?

Patricia A. Cook Dies In Culpeper Police Officer Involved Shooting In VA [Officer murders 50+ year old sundy school teacher for not obeying him. We are at the point where many officers are openly engaged in acts of terrorism against the public. From Feb 9th: Video shows officers beating motorist in diabetic shock then laugh about it. This is NOT simply a few isolated incidents, sadly it has become the norm.]

Finding Peace on Planet Crazy

1950's Suburbia: Portrait of the American Suburbs [Video]

February 12, 2012

Etna volcano: strombolian explosions from New SE crater and increasing tremor - a new paroxysm under way, finally?

Israel's stance on Iran could be 'catastrophic': Moscow

Israel-Iran countdown has already begun, but will Washington help the Jewish State?

Shyness, grieving soon to be classified as mental illness

Researchers Develop Smart Phone Technology To Sense Depression

DHS Announces Permanent Global Entry Program

Canada Moves Closer to Supplying China with Oil Following New Agreement

Genetic Engineering Debate: Are There Lines We Shouldn't Cross?

Israel National Library uploads trove of Newton's theological tracts

Virginia school district considers cross-dressing ban for students

Gay rights campaigners plan kissing 'flashmob' for Pope's visit

Bestiality brothels spur call for animal sex ban [How far will society actually slide?]

CTV News: Strange Sky Sounds Heard Around The World [VIDEO]

10 Things That Every American Should Know About The Federal Reserve

The Pope will die within a year: Vatican 'assassination fears' revealed

Is the Polygamist Leader Preparing His Flock for Doomsday?

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